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2016-2017 PARCC Report

Brookside students continue to be successful on the PARCC test. While not the only, or even primary, assessment tool we use at Brookside, the PARCC, as with any standardized test, allows us to evaluate our performance compared to like districts and also to disaggregate data to ensure that our instruction is effective for all students to learn. PARCC assesses students in language arts and math.

In the area of language arts, data is subdivided into reading and writing.  Within the area of reading, we get feedback for students in their ability to analyze literature, read for information and vocabulary.  In writing, students are evaluated in the areas of expression and conventions.  As a student body, Brookside students performed well above state average in all grades and in all subcategories.  Overall, 94% of the students scored a 4 or a 5 on the test, and of the 6% who scored below a 4, all but 2 had been identified by the school as needing additional help either through BSI or special education.  There were no overt patterns in terms of areas of strength or weakness either by grade level or through the school.

Graph of Language Arts scores for 4th-8th grade

In the area of mathematics, Brookside students again performed exceptionally well. Of note were our Algebra scores.  Annually, between between 65% and 75% of our 8th graders are enrolled in an Algebra class (or higher).  This is a very high percentage, and is a testament to the hard work, perseverance, and abilities of the students and the teachers.  100% of the students taking the Algebra PARCC test passed the test with a 4 or a 5.  Overall, Brookside students did very well in math in general.  87% of all students passed the PARCC with a 4 or a 5, and of the 13% that did not, all but 2 of those students were identified as needing extra help either through BSI or special education.  As with the language arts, math data is subdivided into topics:  major content, supporting content, reasoning and modeling. Again, Brookside students did well above the state average in all categories, and a relative area for focus for us will be modeling.

Graph of Math Scores for 4th-8th grades