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Student Council

A person in a mascot costumeThe student council is one of the largest and most important student organizations at Brookside School. The Student Council is primarily responsible for student activities which impact the entire student body, the school and the community we serve. Student Council is an organization created and run by students.  Faculty advisors are here to assist the Student Council, but the ideas, planning, and running of activities are ultimately up to the students. Student Council organizes activities which are intended to make school more fun, exciting and community service oriented. Some of the Student Council organized activities include dances, character building activities and spirit days.  Student Council also organizes many fundraisers to reach out and help our community. Our fundraisers help raise money and donations for organizations such as the Center For Food Action, Habitat for Humanity, The Big Brother, Big Sister Foundation, Toys for Tots and many more. The purpose is to try to instill a sense of responsibility to the community in our students.

Student Council membership is open to all 6th- 8th grade students of Brookside School who are of good academic standing (passing all classes). Each homeroom will choose two members to represent the homeroom and be a part of the general Student Council.  The standards for Executive Board members are much higher. Both Homeroom Representatives and Executive Board members are expected to get good grades, obey all school rules, and be an example of respect, responsibility, and integrity within the school and community. Students who are interested in being a Student Council General Member need to write a letter of intent to their homeroom teacher by the designated due date.  Candidates then give a speech to their homeroom on a predetermined date.  Finally, each homeroom votes on two candidates as representatives.  Representatives will need to attend all meetings and make a positive contribution to our school by volunteering to work on Student Council projects and activities.

Student Council typically meets once a month during the school day. Additional time may be required for some members for activities such as volunteering at school dances, selling tickets during lunch, and helping to advertise fundraisers before and during school.